I am attracted by baroque, burlesque, wacky things.
I'm interested in the duality of beings, the truth and the make-believe, the image one conveys and how one looks at others.
I try to show what lies beyond appearances.
I try to breathe life energy into my paintings.

I stage characters and tell their story, like when I was a child and I was playing with dolls.
I drag them out of their original environment to immerse them in a parallel universe and make them play a role. Thus taken out of context, I make them coexist with other characters so they can establish improbable links that shake up the rules.

Lately I've felt the need to broaden the horizons, hence the idea of the exquisite corpse (a set of paintings that can be read in two ways: each canvas must be self-sufficient but the story must also continue from one canvas to the other).

For the small formats, my approach is a bit different.
Browsing the web for toys classified ads, I unearth what I call my treasures.
It's as much the way the photo was taken as the character itself that catches my eye.
Often clumsily framed, with harsh lighting, the character, as is, has a human dimension and seems alive.
In front of my computer screen, I try to convey the emotion it gives off.
Through drawing, I appropriate these toys their owner discarded, I pay tribute to their past and I extend their life.
I also play with the titles of the ads, I reuse or I reinvent them as I please.